1. Ken Ashcorp & Alex S.- 20 Percent Cooler (RoyalX Hardstyle Remix)(BRONYCON 2015)

  2. Royalpony- FUN FUN FUN!!!

  3. Casada- Miracle (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix)

  4. Royalpony- Naruto Main Theme Remix (Rawstyle)

  5. Royalpony- Black Out (Rawstyle)

  6. Royalpony- Best Friends Till the End of Time (MLP Hardstyle Remix)

  7. (Demo) RoyalX- Ravage (Revive Skateboards)

  8. Legends of The Everfree- Remix Party Album

  9. Pokémon SM- ALOLA!!! (Royalpony Remix) [POKÉ-Step]

  10. Royalpony- New Lunar Republic

  11. We are Number One but it's a Hardstyle Remix (Royalpony Remix)

  12. Royalpony- At The Gala (Hardstyle Remix) (2017 New Year's Special)

  13. Royalpony- Luminated Night (Christmas Special)

  14. Back to Old-School

  15. Royalpony- A Changeling Can Change (Future Bass Remix) 'Don't Let Me Go'

  16. (Instrumental) Royalpony- A Changeling Can Change (Future Bass Remix) 'Don't Let Me Go'

  17. Royalpony & Cosine- Dreaded Flight (Raw Collab)

  18. Royalpony- It's gonna Work (Hand-up/ Hardstyle Remix)

  19. (BronyCAN 2016) Royalpony- Under Our Spell (VIP Dubstep Remaster (FT. WubCake))

  20. RoyalX- Guardian (Q-Base Dyoa Anthem Contest Submission)

  21. Royalpony: Pokémon I'm U (Melbourne Bounce Remix) Pokémon Theme remix

  22. Royalpony- Never Forgotten

  23. Hardwell- Wake Up Call (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix)

  24. Royalpony- Open Senses (C'mon Every Pony)(Rawstyle)

  25. Royalpony- Backyard Beach (Reggeastep Remix) Phineas and Ferb

  26. Royalpony- I Do It on My Own (MLP Hardstyle Remix) "Into the Stratosphere"

  27. Royalpony- Pinkie's Presents (Trapstep Remix)

  28. M.H.M.- Weak and Helpless (RoyalX Hardstyle Remix)

  29. Countess Coloratura- The Spectacle (Melbourne Bounce Remix)

  30. R3hab & Headhunterz- Won't Stop Rocking (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix)

  31. Royalpony & .XEX- Hearthswarming (Christmas Special)

  32. Royalpony- Life is like a Runway (Remastered Polish Version)

  33. Starlight glimmer- Friends are Always There for you (Hardstyle-Trap Remix)

  34. Royalpony- Drama Queen (FT. Kimlinh Tran)

  35. Diamond Tiara- The Pony I Want to be(Trance-ish Hardstyle)

  36. HWPS: Friendship Games Remix Party Album (FT. WubCake)
    Royalpony, WubCake

  37. Royalpony- I'll Fly (Hardstyle Remix)

  38. Royalpony ft. WubCake- Rules of Rarity(Hardstyle trap remix)

  39. CHS Rally song (Royalpony Remix)

  40. Daniel Inigram- Im Just a Pony (Royalpony FT SophiiVA (Hardstyle Remix))

  41. Royalpony- Energized ( Bronycon Anthem 2015)

  42. Eurobeat and LivingTombStone- Discord (Royalpony Remix Ft. Regga Twins- Dutty Bass(Vocal Mashup))

  43. Vinyl and Octavia- Slice of Life (Royalpony Remix)

  44. (HWPS 2013 Album)Royalpony ft Feather and Relpacer- Untill the Sun (Hardstyle Remix)

  45. Royalpony- Ain't Nothing Worth to a Griffin

  46. Royalpony- Die Young (Hardstyle Remix)

  47. Royalpony- Under our Spell (Dubstep Remix)(Spanish)

  48. Royalpony- Rainbow Rocks (Drumstep Remix)

  49. Royalpony- Better Than Ever (Moombahcore Remix)

  50. Applejack's Lullaby (Royalpony Remix)

  51. Royalpony- Make This Castle a Home

  52. Royalpony- S.V.T.F.O.E. (Hardstyle Remix)

  53. Equestria Girls- Life is a Runway (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix)

  54. Equestria Girls- My Past is Not Today (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix)

  55. Equestria Girls- Friendship Through the Ages (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix)

  56. The Dazzlings- Welcome to the Show (Drumstep Remix)

  57. Sunset Shimmer- Got the Music in our Hearts ( The Rainbooms)(Trance Remix)

  58. Royalpony- Sunset

  59. Royalpony - Five Nights at Freddy's (Hardstyle Remix)

  60. Royalpony- Awesome as I Wanna Be (Dubstep Remix)

  61. Royalpony- Beyond her Eyes (Commission)

  62. (Remastered) Royalpony- Love is in bloom (Rotlcon Exclusive 2014)

  63. Hard With Ponystyle Recordz (NightMare Night Album)
    Royalpony, Dj SliverSatreak, Shu77erfly, Tracer

  64. Royalpony ft. T. Myers- Fall of the Crystal Empire
    royalpony, T. Myers

  65. (Ministery of Brony) World of Maddness- Royalpony

  66. Hard with Ponystyle Recordz- MaximuM Overload (ALBUM)
    Royalpony, Hard with Ponystyle Recordz


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